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We will be celebrating a special Thanksgiving Communion Service on Sunday, November 23rd.

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Thought for Thursday - November 13

On Sunday, November 23, we will have a special Thanksgiving communion service. The word Eucharist actually means thanksgiving. The word is derived from the fact that our Lord Jesus gave thanks prior to breaking the bread and passing the cup to his disciples. When you read the gospels, you realize that Jesus made the practice of thanksgiving a regular part of his life and ministry. We, too, should also regularly practice thanksgiving in our lives.

It makes sense to pause on the Sunday before the Thanksgiving holiday to acknowledge that we are not only thankful for the blessings in our lives but to also acknowledge the One towards whom our thanksgiving is directed.

Thought for Thursday - November 6

When I made reference to Ebola in last week’s “Thought for Thursday,” I had no idea that within just a few days we would have an opportunity to hear from a Liberian pastor about the struggles within his country. That’s exactly what happened last night when Pastor Ebenezer joined us for Prayer Meeting. What a blessing that meeting turned out to be!

Pastor Ebenezer, who was in town for the Water for All Drilling Course, gave an incredible testimony of God’s provision and grace. Pastor Ebenezer and his family have endured years of civil war, time as refugees in a foreign country, poverty and direct opposition to their faith from adherents of tribal religions. Through it all, they have remained faithful to God and have not only cared for their own community in Jesus’s name, but they have also started 22 churches in other locations. Even though he has endured great hardship, Pastor Ebenezer spoke with much joy and with a sure hope.

Thought for Thursday - October 30

This Halloween you probably see all the normal haunts: monsters and vampires and demented serial killers. Alongside those, you’ll also likely see a handful (I hope it’s only a handful!) of people dressed up as the Ebola virus – our most contemporary of frights.

I've spent a little bit of time wondering why there has been a collective freak out to the presence of Ebola in the United States. At this point, exactly one person has died from Ebola here in the U.S. Contrast that with the fact that nearly 30,000 people will likely die from the flu this year, and yet I’d almost put money on the fact that no one will come to Trunk or Treat dressed as the common flu.

Register to be a Bone Marrow Donor - November 9

Help Matt Roe and others fighting blood diseases - YOU just might be the ONE person who can save a life.

45 year old Matt Roe is an active and involved father, a wonderful husband who is active in his church in Austin, a UT graduate and has deep  San Angelo roots. Matt’s wife grew up in San Angelo and his in-laws (Rigby-Hiebert family) are active in the community.  Matt developed lifelong friendships while his father was pastor at St. Luke United Methodist church in the early ‘80s.

San Jacinto Mentoring Opportunity

Not all students have a caring adult person in their life. Would you consider making a difference in the life of a San Jacinto student?

By becoming a lunch buddy with a student, you would be providing him/her with support, advice, friendship, and providing a role model over time.  You would meet with the same student during his/her 30 minute lunch break every other week. The greatest need will be in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.

The program begins November 3rd.  Please consider investing in the life of a student. If you have any questions, please contact Shirley Cash or Matt Walton.