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Thought for Thursday - February 26

Last Sunday we began a sermon series that will walk through Jesus’s seven “I Am” statements in the gospel of John. These seven statements give us a robust picture of who Jesus is in our world and who he desires to be in our lives.

Thought for Thursday - February 19

Today, one of our church’s kiddos asked her parents about Ash Wednesday. She’d seen it on her calendar and heard about it from friends and wondered what it was. Her Dad passed the question on to me. I pass my answer on to you. To put it simply, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, the six week season of reflection and repentance that leads up to Easter.

In a church that officially observes Ash Wednesday, the minister marks a cross on each worshiper’s forehead with ash and says, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” The words remind us of our mortality. The ashes remind us of our deep need for repentance (in the Bible people put ashes on their heads as a sign of repentance). Not only are we mortal, we are sinful.

Thought for Thursday - February 12

This week, Southland celebrates the life of two wonderful men, Lonny Whitehorn and Dwain Dodson. Sitting with both of these families this week, I've been reminded once again that more than anything else, life is about relationships. Family, friendship, community these are gifts from God. They’re what make life worthwhile.

When we search the scriptures, what we learn from the very beginning, is that life was meant to be lived together. Creation itself speaks to thus great truth. For what good is a creation, thought God, without someone to share it with. Remember the story. After each day of creation God would look at it and say, “It is good.” But after creating man and woman on that sixth day, after creating someone who could share in the wonders of what had been made, only then did God look at it and declare, “It was very good.”

Thought for Thursday - February 5

Now that the Super Bowl is over, my family is turning our attention to baseball season. One of my favorite baseball memories involves a couple of trips to watch the Texas Rangers play with Mission Waco, a ministry to the down and out. Each year, a few volunteers from this ministry would load up a bus with a bunch of homeless guys and head to the game. The couple of years I went proved to be an enormous amount of fun.

I always laughed as they entered the stadium because the first thing many of the guys would do is head to the tent that was offering free t-shirts for filling out a credit-card application. Somehow I didn’t think they would qualify.

Thought for Thursday - January 29

All across our country people are preparing for this upcoming Sunday. Mainly they’re preparing for Super Bowl Sunday by buying super amounts of food! Economists estimate that over $55 million worth of food will be purchased in the next few days. All that money buys us among other things, 20 million pounds of chips, 3.8 million pounds of popcorn, and get this, 12 million pounds of avocados. The only other day we Americans eat more food than Super Bowl Sunday is Thanksgiving. Fortunately, much like Thanksgiving Day, we will not be attempting this marvelous feat of consumption alone - according to Hallmark Cards, the Super Bowl, is the #1 night for in home parties all year long, outdoing another festive holiday, New Year’s Eve.